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The age of IA is here - and your infrastructure is not ready

A recent comprehensive survey by Cisco underscores a critical insight: the majority of businesses are racing against time to deploy AI technologies, yet they confront significant gaps in readiness across key areas. This analysis, derived from over 8,000 global companies, reveals an urgent need for enhanced AI integration strategies. You can go and read the original survey now ( Cisco global AI readiness survey ), but if you want to know how to apply this information in your business today , keep reading.   Key Findings: 97% of businesses acknowledge increased urgency to deploy AI technologies in the past six months. Strategic time pressure: 61% believe they have a year at most to execute their AI strategy to avoid negative business impacts. Readiness gaps in strategy, infrastructure, data, governance, talent, and culture, with 86% of companies not fully prepared for AI integration. The report highlights an AI Readiness Spectrum: to categorize organizations: Pacesetters :

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